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Summer of 2017 ...


Hopefully some activity here soon.

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    Are you frustrated by mainstream science's unwillingness to seriously investigate paranormal phenomens? Does it seem like discoveries which don't fit the traditional molds of history and scientific understanding are brushed aside and disregarded by scholars? Do you believe there's evidence that authorities ranging from the local to federal levels have prevented such truths from emerging?


    Instead of allowing yourself to fall victim to authoritative bottlenecks, why not seek out and collect observable data on your own? If you're denied access to the truth by others, become a source of truth yourself.


   FIST desires nothing more than to explore and research the presence- or lack thereof- of paranormal phenomena in our world today. Our home is based out of Bellwood, Pennsylvania, but with your help, we can expand our boundaries. Seek truth. Join FIST today!

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